Replacing Rocker Switch

Rocker is a simple non-repairable switch that in one position turns off flow of compressed air to the rockers, and in the other position turns on flow of air to the rockers.  As seen in the photo above, connecting this switch needs to follow the Air Flow Direction arrow shown on the switch. 

  1.  First step is to Power OFF the machine.  Next, turn off the Safety Switch. 

2.  Next, carefully remove the Control Panel, and set six screws in a safe place.  Gently pull the Control Panel away from the machine.  The wires will hold it from falling off, however with prolonged work on the Control Panel we suggest you lay the Control Panel onto something, like a box or similar. 

3.  If this is a replacement, the best method to replace existing Rocker Switch with new Rocker Switch is to locate existing Rocker Switch, and label with masking tape or other the incoming tube going into the opening to left of the arrow as incoming.

4.  Before continuing replacement process, turn off the air to the machine and remove the receiving end of the check valve to reduce machine air pressure.

5.  Next remove both incoming and outgoing air hose (black tubing) from each respective air fitting, and re-insert air hose into the replacement Rocker Switch.  Push in to lock in.  Be careful to remember that the air hose you marked earlier in these instructions will go to the incoming side (left of air flow arrow).

6.  Next unscrew the white knurled section of the knob, and push the Rocker Switch knob section through to the front of the Control Panel.  Once through and correctly seated, screw on the white knurled section to secure the Rocker Switch in correct position.

7.  Gently reposition the Control Panel so as not to crimp any of the wires, and using the machine screws, fasten the Control Panel to Control Box.

8.  Turn On Power and Compressed Air (remember to attach check valve).  If the Rocker Switch is in the OFF position and you hear a continuing hissing sound, the air lines may need to be switched.

Turning knob to right turns on the Rocker.

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