NovaHEAT™ Hand Operated PatchSealer

  • Model 700 (Without Timer and Coated Die
  • Model 750v1 (With Timer and Coated Die)



Introduced 2017

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  • Read all instructions prior to operating.
  • Warning:  Electric  shock could occur if used incorrectly or on wet surfaces.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces.
  • Keep hands, feet  loose clothing away from hot sealing die.
  • Do not immerse any  part of this product in water or other liquid.
  • Do not use this product on wet or damp materials.
  • Never use Patch Sealer in presence of flammable or combustible liquid or fumes.
  • Do not cool the sealing die with liquid.
  • Always operate product in a well-ventilated area or operate outdoors.
  • Unplug product when not in use  Allow to cool completely before storing.  Store in clean  dry area.
  • Do not operate this product if cord or plug has been damaged in any way.   If cord or plug  is damaged, return this product to manufacturer for  repair or adjustment.
  • Never leave  plugged-in product unintended.
  • Use Patch Sealer only for its intended use as described in this Users Manual.
  • Appropriate, non-flammable work gloves are recommended to be worn when operating Patch Sealer.
  • Manufacturer  recommends wearing respirator when working with materials that generate  toxic or hazardous fumes.
  • Do not drop product.
  • If power source or generator fails while the Patch Sealer is in use, simply  turn off  Patch Sealer, recharge power source or generator, and re-start  Patch Sealer per instructions.
  • Product must only  be used with 110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz power source.
  • WARNING:  Sealing  Die cooling time varies with ambient air temperature,  operating  temperature, existence of wind, etc. and therefore may take  longer than  expected to properly cool before touching the Sealing Die.
  • All repairs must be made by qualified personnel at Nova Products.  If repairs  are necessary,  package Patch Sealer securely and ship via prepaid and insured UPS or FedEx service to attention of Customer Service, Nova Products Mfg., Inc.,  6601 Lyons Road, Suite E-4, Coconut Creek, FL  33073 USA.


Contents & Naming Convention

Upon arrival, remove packaging and locate Patch Sealer, Heat Sealing Cooling Block, Left & Right removable alignment guides; and pre-rolled piece of Teflon Coated Fiberglas.  The pre-installed custom die includes a ceramic Teflon coating.  Regardless of the non-stick nature of Teflon, small patches may tend to “stick” to the  die.  To avoid this from happening, locate patch below the fabric the patch welds to.  When welding a patch to both sides of the fabric, use included or equivalent piece of Teflon Coated Fiberglas between Die and patch.  Supplies and spare parts list found in Supplies section.

Serial Number is a 6 digit number begins with 750



  • Before plugging in the PatchSealer, make sure that the moveable press section  can move freely up and down with slight pressure.  Make  sure the  springs are maintaining an UP position.
  • Additionally, make sure that the ceramic spacers connecting Heat Die to Handle is in good condition and not chipped or cracked.
  • And make sure all screws are tight.


As common with virtually all Novaseal®-branded and Nova Products’ machines, controls are simple and  machines are easy to use.  PatchSealer is no different.  The Patch Sealers are usually customized with any variety of sealing die shapes’  Simply, locate the patch under the Heat Die using alignment guides.  Next locate fabric to be welded to patch again using alignment guides. Next, press down the spring-activated  hand press, hold in place for desired amount of time as indicated by illuminated Red indicator lamp, then release.  On  most  materials that is all you need to do.  On some materials, cooling  pressure is needed to permanently secure the heat sealed materials.   If  cooling pressure is needed, either use supplied Heat Sealing Cooling Block, or any other heat sink material.  Determining the amount of time to  heat  seal a material is best accomplished using trial and error  methods.  The two basic variables in producing optimal seals are seal  temperature and seal time.  When using our factory preset settings for seal  temperature, sealing time becomes the only real variable.

1.  Use the Rocker ON/OFF Switch to turn on the Patch Sealer.  PatchSealer Controls are located on the top of the Control Box.  When the PatchSealer is ON,  the Rocker Switch Lamp will NovaHEAT™ PatchSealerilluminate.

2.  Next set the  Sealing Temperature. When looking at the PID Temperature Controller, note that there are 3 buttons.  The temperature shown when the PatchSealer is ON is the current temperature of the die.  The Set Point value is the operating temperature of the die.  Set point temperatures can not exceed 450°F. Above 450°F, the ceramic coating will wear off quickly, and above 600°F, the die will melt.

NovaHEAT™ PatchSealerTo set the Set Point, press the left yellow button once.  Doing this will show current set point value referred to as SP1.  Use Temp Up or Temp Dn to either increase or decrease set point value.  With set point value set, press both Temp Up and Temp Dn at the same time to exit the set point setting window.  Failing to exit the set point setting window will only show set point value not current die temperature.  Also please note that as a PID controller, the current die temperature may overshoot or be less than set point value.  Average current die temperature will be the set point temperature value.

Allow about 10 minutes for heat up and die heat saturation.  Although the Temperature Controller indicator lamp may indicate that temperature has been reached in less time, allow more time for heat to fully saturate die. 

3.  Set the Timer.  Scales can be changed.  Factory default uses a time scale from 0 to 10 seconds.  Rotate dial clockwise to increase time, counterclockwise to decrease time.  Where ever you leave the dial, that time used to calculate sealing time.  As a constant on sealer, the Timer will not shut off the heat, however will illuminate Timer Indicator Lamp when set time is reached.  Remember to release downward pressure on the Handle when the indicator lamp illuminates.

4.  Sealing Die heat is always on, known as constant on sealing.  When making a seal, press down the via the Rubber Handle Pad.  Continued use will require operator to wear heat resistant glove (i.e., welding glove).   Everything other than Handle pad may be hot to  the touch.  For best seals, apply even pressure along the length of the sealing die.  When the Timer Indicator Lamp illuminates, the seal is complete, stop pressing down, and the  Rubber Handle Pad with handle structure will return to UP position.   When the handle structure is in the UP position and the Rocker Switch is on, the Sealing Die will remain HOT.  The only way to turn off the heat is by toggling the Rocker Switch to OFF position.

5.  To seal a  patch, locate patch against the adjustable alignment guides, then locate NovaHEAT™ PatchSealerfabric on top of the patch still using alignment to assure that one material is above the other.  Press down the Handle and hold Handle in Down position until Timer Indicator Lamp illuminates.  Release Handle and return Handle to UP position.  Carefully remove sealed materials.

When sealing a patch to both sides of fabric, follow instructions above for first side.  For second side, locate fabric with first patch sealed patch side down.  Next, locate second patch using alignment guides.  Then locate the supplied piece of Teflon Coated Fiberglas (TCF) above second patch (between fabric and die).  Using the TCF will usually require a bit more time for same quality seal.  In factory tests, we found that adding 2-1/2 seconds with TCF was all that was needed with a majority of patch materials.  Press down Handle until Timer Indicator Lamp illuminates.  Release.  Remove fabric with both patches along with TCF.  Gently remove TCF.  Use Cooling Block.

Two instructional videos follow.  First one demonstrates process of adding a patch to a single side, as well as to both sides.  In this video, short alignment guides are used.  Second video illustrates use with tall alignment guides.  Choosing between short and tall alignment guides depends on your application, and more specifically on the thickness of materials used.


Two instructional videos.  One on the left demonstrates adding a patch to one side or to both sides using short alignment guides.  Video on right demonstrates welding patches with taller alignment guides.

Please do not rely only on viewing videos to learn how to operate NovaHEAT™ PatchSealer.  It is very important that you read the prior section before viewing videos.  Additionally, Nova Products usually provides ideal settings for each material calibrated by our technicians.  Refer to direct communications via email for calibrated settings.


PatchSealer is a relatively maintenance-free unit.  One of the basic components that does require maintenance is the die. 

Die Maintenance.

The die needs to be kept clean, and to clean die allow the die to cool, and clean with a cloth.  Do not use abrasives to clean the die.  With natural use, the Teflon coating on the die will eventually remove.  When that happens, you can do one of two things.  Either use Teflon-coated Fiberglas between die and fabric/patch for every seal or return PatchSealer to Nova Products for die re-coating.  For re-coating die, return PatchSealer to Nova Products.  Cost for re-coating and re-calibration is $200.00 plus shipping.  With proper notice, Nova Products can usually return unit within 24 hours.

Time Range Scale. 

If sealing time needs to exceed 10 seconds, an option exists to change timer scale from current 0 to 10 second range to 0 to 30 seconds range.  If this is required, contact us for instructions on how to change scale.


Spare parts and supplies consist of heating element cartridges, pre-cut Teflon Coated Fiberglas, triangular die, parts, etc.  Replacement, re-coated dies or custom sized Sealing Dies are also available.  The cost of each of the following supplies are subject to change without notice.  Click here for an illustration showing supply items.  When ordering, specify item by bold item name.

  • Cartridge Heater - Large $87.50

    This is the larger of the two cartridge heaters that go into the triangular patch die. Allow up to 2 week lead time. RUSH orders are available for a slight up charge.

  • Cartridge Heater - Small $76.75

    This is the shorter of the two cartridge heaters that go into the triangular patch die. Allow up to 2 week lead time. RUSH orders are available for a slight up charge.

  • Thermocouple $79.90

    K-type thermocouple sensor with screw-type mounting. Allow up to 2 week lead time.

  • Thermocouple Connector $25.00

    This is the yellow connector mounted in the handle that connects thermocouple sensor to controller. Usually in stock.

  • Digital Temperature Controller $289.00

    LED Display temperature controller. Pre-programming configuration included.

  • Omron Analog Timer $98.00

    Allow up to 2 week leadtime.

  • Replacement Triangular Die $575.00

    Die without electronics. Includes ceramic coating for use without Teflon tape. Allow 2 week lead time.

  • ReCoat Ceramic $250.00

    With return receipt of your current die, we apply a recoating of the ceramic surface for stick-free application without use of Teflon tape. Allow up to 2 week leadtime after receipt of your triangular die.

  • Timer Microswitch $55.00

    Microswitch is used to activate heating timer. Allow up to 2 week leadtime.

  • Cooling Block $59.00

    Welded Cooling Block for triangular seals. Allow up to 2 week lead time.

  • Teflon Base $14.95

    Just to make sure we provide the correct size, please provide us Teflon Base measurement. Stocked item.

  • Rubber Handle Top $32.00

    Allow up to 1 week lead time.

  • Diagnostic Fee $50.00

    Not sure what is wrong with your PatchSealer, simple return unit and we will troubleshoot the machine to determine what is wrong. We will then email you our findings along with repair costs. Allow up to 2 weeks. If you need sooner, just ask.

Last updated, Feb 2019.

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