New Technology Apprehension

From time-to-time we receive comments from prospects interested in learning more of what Puls2™ sealing technology is, but somewhat reluctant in pursuing our machinery because they didn’t want to learn or adopt a new technology for sealing their materials.  They were currently familiar with imported impulse welders and felt that using pulse sealing technology would require a different mindset and training.  They realized that better or improved meant new and learning new created apprehension despite its ability to increase both efficiency and profitability.

What’s the Same? 

Both pulse sealing and impulse welding use the same flat nichrome wire also known as a heating element or banding ribbon.  And both methods use heating and cooling cycles.  Both methods can seal the same materials, albeit Puls2™ can be used to seal more and different materials.  And lastly, both methods depend on a bar-type delivery method such as a poster-type or cantilever-type press.

What’s Different? 

There are two basic differences … one has to do with the way Novaseal® fabric welders perform the heat sealing function delivering improved cycle times, stronger and better quality seals on an extended range of materials.  For Novaseal® fabric welders this difference is known as Puls2™ sealing technology.

The second basic difference has to do with Nova Products’ expertise as a machine builder by implementing various innovative methods to increase overall production processing rates, decrease machine maintenance time and maintenance costs, increase repeatability, automate various labor intensive processes, expand machine applicability and reduce overall cost of the machine.

Technology Features:

Machine Features:

  • Pulse Packet Sealing Technology means that heat sealing is accomplished in shorter heating cycles, thus cooler sealing.  Furthermore, when pulsing the heating element, less expansion/contraction, less heating element breakage/replacement, less zone tape replacement, and less overall cycle time meaning faster production.  As a matter of fact, comparative studies have shown that pulse packet sealing technology can produce seals up to 5-times faster than impulse welding.
  • Heat sealing parameter similarity.  We have found that pulse sealing parameters are very close to being the same for a wide range of materials which means that one recipe (specific set of parameters) can be used for multiple materials.  Some clients only use one recipe for all their materials.  Less recipes reduces training time because there is no need to futz around to define a perfect setting as common with impulse welding.  New fabrics or applications can be set into production faster with less downtime.
  • More fabrics can be sealed.  Most heat sealers are limited to the types of materials that can be sealed.  I.e., impulse welding limited to lightweight; RF high frequency to dielectric coefficient.  With pulse sealing virtually all thermoplastic materials including structural materials (PTFE, Firesist®, ETFE, etc.).  If you are looking to buy a heat sealer, why not buy one that can seal all applications, not only the ones you need today, but also the ones you’ll need in the future.
  • Automation added to every modular machine option because automation saves time and increase productivity.  For example, our Automatic PocketMaker is modular and can be added to most machine configurations anytime.  The proprietary method used with our Automatic PocketMaker results in making any size pocket faster and more accurate than any competitive pocketing system available today.  Why is that important?  Accurate pocketing, combined with the fastest technology to make a strong “seamless” seal means increased productivity and more profits.
  • Lots of options.  Most are modular which means machine capabilities can be swapped out as needed.  Option list continuously growing including pocketing, zipper attachment, keder strip attachment, slotting, auto feeding, clamping, material handling, shuttle systems, rewind systems, etc.
  • Rocker tensioners replace springs used to tension heating elements in most every other machine.  As the original developer of pneumatic clutched tensioners combined with pulse sealing, our customers no longer have the need to frequently replace nichrome wire, and furthermore, there is no need to purchase coated banding strips.  Less cost.  Less downtime.
  • Smart Controls.  We live in a digital world, so why not apply our digital world to increase productivity.  Our smart controls include Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Ethernet connectivity and sensors to automatically control tension, air pressure, material location and pulse parameters.

Finally, why buy a Novaseal® fabric welder … better quality seals made faster and for less cost means your business can be more profitable and produce more in less time. And with the comfort of knowing that the manufacturer provides forever support with the longest warranty in the industry and full accountability from a US manufacturer.

So, in summary, don’t fear new technology, embrace it.  Novaseal® fabric welders & heat sealers:

  • Cost less with significantly less hidden costs than impulse welding.
  • Incentives far outweigh built in complacency.
  • Similar operating system with smart controls means easy to overcome apprehension.  And with a more powerful system you’ll have competitive advantage.
  • 5-Year Warranty + Forever Support + Process Production Enhancements reduces fear of learning a more productive way.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.  Positive ROI means there really is no reason not to take the plunge.

Of course Made in the USA is another bonus value.

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