NovaCARE™ Weblink Sample

Welcome to NovaCARE™ Weblink online customer support.  Each Weblink is customized for each customer illustrating the machine purchased along with any customizations specific to customer and/or application(s).  Our Weblink service becomes a virtual and interactive User’s Manual.  Information contained on a Weblink includes machine operation, machine maintenance, troubleshooting, how to contact tech support, etc.  Because it is online, we can also provide detailed videos for every aspect of your machine.  Machine application notes are also updated as needed.

Typically Weblink pages are interactive.  Since this specific Weblink is a sample, we have disconnected interactivity for security purposes.  Client Weblinks are password protected.  Some information on this sample Weblink is blurred to protect client confidentiality.

Weblink Contents

Naming Convention

Machine Setup

Operating Instructions

Puls2™ Sealing Technology & Setting Parameters

Sealing Applications

Machine Maintenance

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