Kayden – Video Demo

Video demonstrates welding 2-layer and 4-layer vinyl fabric materials.  Two examples shown, (a) 2-layer overlap seal followed by adding extra material and sealing again; and (b) sealing all 4-layers at the same time.  For 4-layer sealing we slightly increased sealing time.

Jeff, the video below illustrates making a curved seal around an arc.  In this same video, we’re also illustrating how a “V” seal is made.  Because we use Puls2™ sealing technology, the seals are cooler and because it is not RF, we can easily make a seal not using the entire bar length especially on a vinyl material as thin as your material.


This video demonstrates Puls2™ sealing a 1-inch overlap as previously sampled.

Previously posted on Friday, March 2, 2018.