Idec Memory Cartridge

Installing and Removing Memory Cartridge (aka Memory Card)

Only when the Memory Cartridge is installed will the updated PLC code operate the machine by overriding the PLC code.  To revert to original PLC code simply remove Memory Cartridge.

  1. Caution.  Before installing or removing the memory cartridge, turn off power to the machine, more specifically make sure no power is going to the Idec PLC.
  2. Caution.  Do not touch the connector pins with hand, otherwise electrostatic discharge may damage the internal elements.


  3. Installing Memory Cartridge.  Open the terminal cover and remove the dummy cartridge from the PLC module.  Make a note of correct orientation of the Memory Cartridge.  Insert the new Memory Cartridge into the cartridge connector until it bottoms.  Do not insert the Memory Cartridge diagonally.  Do such will deform the terminal pins.
  4. After installing the Memory Cartridge, close the terminal cover.
  5. Removing Memory Cartridge.  Hold both edges of the Memory Cartridge and pull it out.