Nova Products welcomes Dura-Cover by Rogers to NovaCARE™ Weblink online customer support for Novaseal®-branded NovaPULS™ TableTop-40.  This unit was previously owned, and originally manufactured in 2014.  Upgraded with Puls2™ by Nova Products in 2018.


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    • PLC/HMI Programming/Operations for Original Pulse (Not Puls2™)
  • Maintenance
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For any questions, please contact Nova Products.  And for specific or customized help instructions to be included on these WebLink pages, contact Nova Products.

Setting up the machine consists of the following steps:

  • Moving TableTop PulseSealer
  • Connecting Electricity
  • Connecting Compressed Air
  • Cleaning the Machine

Moving TableTop PulseSealer.  Viewing the machine from the front, the bottom of the TableTop PulseSealer is made of 1×1 or 2×2 bars.  This is done specifically for ease of movement.  Use a forklift to position forks completely through the machine.  Be careful to locate forks at the center of the machine.  Lift and position TableTop PulseSealer onto table.  Weight of the TableTop PulseSealer does not require that you affix the unit to the table, however if you prefer to attach the machine to the table, attach machine using the pre-drilled holes in the welded angles on both ends of the machine.


Connecting Electricity.  Connecting electricity to the machine is the second step.  Locate the Safety Switch.  The Safety Switch is front right end of the machine.  For transport, the Safety Switch is locked using one or more cable ties.  Remove the cable tie(s). 

To open the Safety Switch, first make sure that your main power source/breaker is in the OFF position.  Also make sure the Safety Switch Handle is in the OFF position (down position).  Slightly urge the lower lever to let the Safety Switch open.  The Safety Switch door opens from right to left on a hinge.


Safety Switch

The connections on the bottom of the Safety Switch are for your power connections.  The connections on the top of the Safety Switch go to the electronics of the machine.  Note the photo on the right.  Connect your power lines to Line 1, Line 2 and Ground Line.  Referring to the illustration, Lines 1 and 2 are shown with red circles, and the Ground Line is shown with green rectangle.  Click on the photo to zoom into the connection area.

ONLY CONNECT A 3-WIRE 230/240 VAC SINGLE PHASE POWER SOURCE TO THE SAFETY SWITCH. We suggest you use a State certified electrician to connect the electrical power source.

Note that Line 1 and Line 2 are fused, and that Ground Line is not fused.  Pre-installed 30 Amp fuses are delay type fuses.  Although the machine draws significantly less than 30 Amps, we recommend using 30 Amp Time Delay Fuses if and when fuses need to be replaced.

If you ever need to replace or remove fuses, make sure that the main circuit power source providing power to this Safety Switch is in the OFF position.

Once everything is connected, close the Safety Switch enclosure.  Turn on your main circuit breaker power source and assure electricity is  flowing from your circuit breaker panel to the machine.  Next turn the Safety Switch on by moving the side Handle Lever to the UP or ON position.  You now have power going to the machine.              


Novaseal TableTop PulseSealer

Connecting Compressed Air.  Third step is to connect dry compressed air to activate the pneumatic components of the machine.  These components include Press and Rockers.  Prior to connecting compressed air, please make sure that your compressor can provide a constant supply of 90 to 100 psi dry air pressure.  The location of your air compressor as it regards location of machine doesn’t matter as long as air pressure/volume is available to the machine.

Pneumatic Inlet & Guages Section.  This section is located on the Right End of the machine, below table.  Connect your compressor air hose with quick disconnect to the incoming end of the Air Filter as shown in the photo.  The Air Filter will capture any water/moisture in your compressed air line. 


Pneumatic Inlet & Guages

If there is excessive moisture, please either use a dryer or timed water release on your compressor.  Contact Novaseal if you need to purchase a timed water release valve.  If you begin to see liquid level rise, disconnect the compressed air line from the Air Filter and empty the Filter reservoir. 

As soon as the compressed air is connected to the machine, a couple of things will happen immediately.  First the Upper Sealing Bar will move into upper position.  Secondly, the Rockers will activate and maintain pressure on the Heating Elements.

To the right of the Air Filter is the Pneumatic Pressure Guages.  Connected between the Air Filter and Guages is a Check Valve.  Check Valve holds onto pressured air for 1 to 2 days and will keep the machine pressured during a weekend or for a few days of non-use.  Continuous air pressure on the Heating Elements keeps the Heating Elements in good condition.  The Check Valve provides compressed air to the Air Regulators.  There are two air regulators.  One for Rocker (RKR) and one for Press (PRS).  Factory Default Settings for each Air Regulator:

Novaseal TableTop PulseSealer
  • RKR = 32 psi
  • PRS = 50 psi

Allow a few minutes for your air compressor to properly supply compressed air to each of the Air Regulators, then compare values.  If Air Regulator values differ, please reset values as shown above.  To change an Air Regulator pressure value, gently lift knob on top of the Air Regulator, and turn knob clockwise to increase air pressure or counterclockwise to decrease air pressure.  Once set, gently push knob down which locks the air pressure value.

Rocker air pressure is critical.  At the default setting, Heating Elements life will be optimal.  If Heating Element life isn’t optimal, it could be as a result of other issues.  Contact Novaseal for assistance.