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NovaCARE™ is a free service provide to every Nova client who has purchased any of our products. From standard machines to custom. NovaCARE™ is a password protected virtual 24/7/365 weblink to service manuals, videos, how to instructions, troubleshooting, communications, updates, etc.

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Heat Sealing Innovation Leader

Since 1994 Novaseal®-branded products have become a beacon representing innovation in heat sealing. First to invent wedge welding, then PulseSealing. First to use pneumatic rockers to reduce maintenance. First with self-diagnostics. First to implement PLCs. First to add Internet of Things and include Automation-ready with each PulseSealer featuring Puls2™ Sealing Technology. First with feature-rich innovations. Choosing a leader means you can be rest assured to meet your most challenging requirements for heat sealing.

Seals All Materials

PulseSealing seals all industrial fabrics used in the manufacture of Shades, Roller Shades, Media, Posters, Banners, and Industrial Applications. Whether PE, PVC, ETFE, Polyester, Vinyls, Polyurethane, Netting, Acrylics or a new material yet to be invented, Novaseal® PulseSealing can seal it. After all, we're not owned by a material manufacturer, so why limit the heatsealer to specific materials. Better Seals ... Faster.

Worry Free Customer Support

PulseSealers are designed to last. All PulseSealers include a 5-Year Warranty which can be renewed indefinitely. 24/7 NovaCARE™ Weblink Service includes machine and application support. Spare parts in stock..

Easy to Use

NovaPULS™ heat sealers are easy to use. Intuitive technology. Most materials absorb pulse energy at a similar rate and therefore one or fewer settings is all you need to seal most materials. Internal diagnostics along with clever design features assure easy to use trouble free heat sealing experience. Simplified maintenance process is designed into every machine.

Made in USA

Novaseal®-branded heat sealers are made by one of the only remaining 100% Made in USA manufacturers of Heat Sealers. We take pride in that fact. Everything is manufactured at our Florida factory which means that spare parts & supplies are locally stocked. For this reason, we can provide a 5-Year Warranty. We have attained a reputation as a first-class customer service vendor. As a US manufacturer we are accountable to you, our customer.

BuyBack Program

At any time within the next 100 years, you decide to upgrade to a larger PulseSealer, we will BuyBack your existing Novaseal® PulseSealer at half of whatever you paid for it and apply the credit towards the larger machine. Most commonly used with TableTop PulseSealers when upgrading to fully automatic PulseSealers. Stay New with Nova Product's BuyBack program.

Latest News

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New Technology Apprehension

From time-to-time we receive comments from prospects interested in learning more of what Puls2™ sealing technology is, but somewhat reluctant in pursuing our machinery because they didn’t want to learn or adopt a new technology for sealing their materials.  They were currently familiar with imported impulse welders and felt that using pulse sealing technology...

All-in-One Zipper-Keder-Pocketing Feature

Nova Products announced today that we now have an all-in-one interchangeable fixture for NovaPULS table top pulse sealers that adds machine functionality.  With this fixture, a machine operator can easily switch from making overlaps to making either pockets, sealing zippers or heat sealing in keders and/or embedded ropes.  Low cost option with so much...


For companies located in areas with higher than usual humidity, we now can provide your business with a water filtration system that removes 100% water from compressed air lines. For proper operation of NovaPULS and NovaHEAT sealers, there can not be any compressed air moisture in the heat sealer. NovaFILTER system removes all water/moisture. ...

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